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  1. Overcoming Challenges of Booking Home Parties
  2. Giving Away Some Products Can Gain You Much
  3. Don’t Freak Out Over Your Launch Party
  4. Need Help Getting Bookings in December?
  5. Hostess Coaching is Vital in This Business
  6. Overcoming Objections
  7. Theme Party Ideas Not Found on Most Lists
  8. Are Your Parties More Like a Party or a Snoozefest?
  9. Are You Hiding Behind Email?
  10. Home Parties are No Place for Wallflowers
  11. Your Role as a Party Plan Consultant
  12. Invitations Who How When
  13. Can’t Seem to Get Anyone to Book a Party?
  14. Cash and Carry at Your Home Parties
  15. I Drove All That Way for One Person

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