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From: Nicole Dean
RE: The Money Isn’t Just In The List. It’s in the Follow-up.

Dear Frustrated Affiliate Marketer,

I don’t have to tell you that the money is in the list. You’ve probably heard it so many times that you could scream.

However, I will tell you that you have to take it a step further if you want to actually profit from your lists… and I assume that you do.

You won’t see any money until you create an engaging and well-monetized follow-up.

Your list won’t do you any good unless you provide your readers with informative content and gain their trust. And, of course, you must provide them with relevant offers along with that content.

The proven formula to successful affiliate list marketing is simply this:

Great Content + Relevant Offers = Profit For You

So, that’s how you see a profit.

But, do you want to see a profit? Or are you looking, like most, to make a SWEET income?

In order to make a “full-time” or even a six-figure income online, you need to tweak that formula just a bit.

Here’s the honest truth about list-marketing:

  • Nearly every moderately successful internet marketer on the planet has at least one ezine or mailing list.

  • The really successful marketers (think 6 figures and more) have multiple lists (and usually at least one ecourse sent via autoresponder).

  • The “gurus” take it to the next level and set up multiple autoresponder series for each list they have. This means that they set their autoresponders to send messages to their leads, affiliates, and customers, automatically, while they are off doing other things. That is how they can make money passively while they’re having fun or working on more money-making projects. They have mastered this hands-off approach — and it works. It works *really* well.

Do you see the difference?

(Great Content + Relevant Offers) x Multiple Lists x Autopilot = BIG $$$ For You

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m in internet marketing to make money. I love helping other people with their businesses and it makes me proud to do so. But… at the end of the day, I want a nice, fat balance in my bank account. Don’t you want the same? So, why not do what we know works?!

I am very proud to have worked with Jimmy D. Brown since early 2007, managing one of his affiliate programs. Not only have I had the opportunity to learn from working with this amazing marketer, but I have had the great joy of becoming friends with him as well. There’s quite a bit to be learned  when bouncing ideas back and forth daily with one of the most brilliant minds in marketing. And, the main theme that I’ve learned from Jimmy is that you must, must, must put list-building first in your online business. Who am I to challenge that statement? I’ve seen the results, personally — and in his business. He’s right.

However, in working with affiliate marketers, I’ve noticed a certain trend that is concerning me.

Very few affiliate marketers are building their own lists.
Many of the affiliates are working hard sending traffic to affiliate programs and making the occasional sale, but they aren’t building anything lasting for themselves. As soon as they stop sending traffic, their income stops. Oftentimes, they give up out of frustration. What they need is to build their OWN lists. Then, they can include promotions for affiliate programs into those lists and build a lasting business.

And, those affiliates that are building lists… aren’t doing it effectively. Some affiliates may have one ezine that goes out weekly, but no ecourses or follow-up or series set up to make money automatically. Say, for instance, that person’s computer hard drive goes down… the ezine stops until she can buy a new computer and get set up again — which means that the money stops, too. On the other hand, if that person had an ecourse set up, her readers would continue to receive messages on an ongoing basis — and her income would not be impacted as heavily. (Of course, other dreadful personal scenarios could cause work – and therefore income to halt, but you get the picture.)

Finally, you can have your OWN automatic profit machines without writing a word — with PLR ecourses.

You may have heard of PLR (or private label rights) articles that you can edit and put your name on. Well, that’s all well and good, but, honestly, that’s just content and it isn’t created to sell products. You add the articles to your website, and they work as search engine fodder, and they can attract people to your website, but then what?

The visitors click away and you’re often left with nothing. Those visitors are gone for good.

What if, in addition, you had a signup box on your website with a grabbing headline targeted towards your visitor, with an offer that they absolutely had to have. That person signs up for your ecourse, and then proceeds to receive SEVEN to TEN follow-up messages over the course of the next few weeks?

And, what if each and every follow-up message was informative and useful… and promoted your affiliate links for high-quality products, tools, and services?

Sounds like a lot of work?

We Make It “Copy & Paste” Simple

My writers have created ecourses about several “hot” marketing topics. Each one has then been edited by me and tweaked to include affiliate recommendations for top-quality products that sell. And, I’m no slouch. My copywriting skills have been praised by a few of the “gurus” for being warm, honest, and direct.

All you have to do is copy and paste the messages into your autoresponder. Here’s how it works…


Your own money-making ecourses in five easy steps:

1. Select and purchase a PLR ecourse below.

2. Customize the affiliate links in the .doc that you receive with YOUR link for each product (Instructions show you how). Edit the messages as much or as little as you’d like. Customize any included bonus reports with your affiliate links, too.

3. Load the messages into your autoresponder. If you haven’t selected an autoresponder I recommend and personally use this autoresponder. (Link will open in new window so you won’t lose your spot.)

4. Pull our “thank you” page into your website if you wish. (Optional but recommended.)

5. Add a signup form to your websites (or use the squeeze page that we provide) and start sending traffic to your website.

That’s it. You’re done! You’ll be building a list (and an income stream) that you can keep forever. You can add more messages. You can send one-time promos.

You can now, finally, do joint ventures with other list owners and trade advertising and cross-promote. Finally you’re “in”.

Note: If you’re a complete beginner and you get stuck setting up your first squeeze page, you can hire someone to set it up for you, or I can refer you to a person who can set it up, for a fee.


In case you missed that, you’ll receive everything you need.

You’ll get the messages, a squeeze page, a thank you page, all ready to roll!

Assuming you have an autoresponder and simple website or blog in place, you can be up and running within an hour.

Take a look at our ecourses below and grab them while they’re available. I honestly don’t know how long each ecourse will last, but I only sell 200 copies of each. I retire the ecourses as they sell out and replace them with new ones.


“Marketing your Own Affiliate Program – PLR eCourse”
8 messages in this eCourse

In this package, you’ll receive several prewritten messages to set up your own “How to Market your Affiliate Program to Potential Affiliates” ecourse.

Messages Include:

Day 1. The Affiliate Welcome Package
Day 2. The Affiliate Center
Day 3. Copywriting For Your Affiliate Program
Day 4. Graphics & Images 101
Day 5. Banners For Affiliates to Use
Day 6. Graphics to Attract Affiliates
Day 7. Spice Up Your Salespages
Day 8. Social Media Marketing

And more.

You’ll receive:

  • A document with the email messages
  • Simple Squeeze page
  • Affiliate recommendations.
  • And, as always, bonuses.

$15.95Add Marketing your Own Affiliate Program - PLR eCourse to CartClick Here to Buy Now


YES! It’s PLR. YES! You can change it. YES! You can turn it into articles and reports and all that fun stuff.

The only thing you can’t do is put MY name as author or pass on PLR rights to others.

When you order, you will receive your PLR items immediately by download. You will be taken to a webpage where you can download the docs (in Microsoft Word) and html files (zipped up) plus any promised bonuses. If you get stuck, refer to your order receipt for help or contact our help desk here.


Hot Tip! Customize our Ecourses for Your Market:

All good marketers know that you should write to a specific target market. (For instance, right now, I’m speaking to frustrated affiliate marketers.) ;)So, you can and should customize and personalize the ecourses to YOUR target market.

  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Work at Home Moms
  • Ezine publishers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Health and Weight Loss Professionals
  • Direct Sellers
  • Your Own Direct Sales Team (Set up Automated Internet Marketing Training for them using these ecourses.)
  • Niche Website Owners (In any topic: Dogs, Natural Health, Crafters, Parenting, etc.)
  • eBook Writers
  • eBay Sellers (Teach them there’s a whole world of online business that could open to them outside of eBay.)
  • Freelancers (Virtual Assistants, Ghostwriters, etc.)
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Your Own Affiliates (Train your affiliates to make more sales for you.)
  • OR just leave them as they are!


Honestly, it doesn’t get any easier than this to build a lasting online business. You’re either running a hobby or a business. Hobbies cost money. Businesses make money. Which is it gonna be?

This is the turning point for your online business. Order several of the PLR ecourses above, put them in place and *finally* see for yourself what passive income can do for you.

Warmly, with best wishes,

Questions? Contact us here.

PS. Here are the ecourses again, along with some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I use an autoresponder other than your recommended one, will these still work?
    Absolutely. We provide the messages in a .doc format that you can copy and paste into your preferred autoresponder.

  2. Do you recommend that I use the squeeze page that is provided or create my own?
    I recommend that, if you choose to use the squeeze page that we provide, that you customize it to reflect your website and your target market. I also recommend that you include a signup box on every page of your website.

  3. Should I buy one or multiple ecourses?
    Well, that depends. I like to have multiple ecourses in place so I can funnel my readers from one to the next. For my business, it makes sense. However, if you’re just starting out, one is plenty. You’ll still need to learn how to get traffic to your site so you can build a large list. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

  4. Can I use these ecourses in other ways?
    Yes, you may edit them and turn them into special reports that you sell or give away. You may not resell them or give them to any other marketers to use in any way.

  5. I have a blog. Will these work?
    Certainly. Many bloggers are missing out on list-building with ecourses as they rely solely on RSS feeds. An ecourse gives you the opportunity to establish a step-by-step marketing series that every reader receives in the same order, whether they sign up today or a year from now.

  6. Do I have to promote the programs you’re including?
    Of course not. If you have your own product that you’d like to include instead of one that I recommend, you may. I’ve chosen programs that I personally love and am familiar with. I will only add programs to these ecourses after I have reviewed the product, the sales letter, and the ordering process to make sure they are top-notch. However, you will have PLR rights to the ecourses, so you may edit the recommendations as you wish.