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Here are just some of the comments we get on a daily basis. Once you’ve become a happy customer, please share your comments, too!


  1. I really the quality of the articles here in PLR, I tried buying PLR in fiverr which is very cheap but I don’t know if I can use them to my site. The articles I bought here and posted in my sites, have brought in a lot of traffic from Stumble Upon

  2. Nicole,

    I of course agree with all of the testimonials and comments above and have enjoyed putting EasyPLR content to work for my clients and myself.

    It’s so good in fact it certainly makes a fella want more.

    When will there be some new article sets?

    Can I get on a list to be notified as soon as a new list is available?

    Is there a possibility of the signup form for such a list including check boxes for categories that have new article sets?

    You may already have something like that but if so I haven’t found it.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    Mike C.

  3. It is great to be back to Easy PLR after a long break.

    Quality product from Nicole, as usual. Nice to see so much praises from other users too. Keep it up, buddy!


  4. I am new to internet marketing. With having to write for 6 niches, it got to be a bit much. I had no time for any thing else.

    Now with the PLR that I purchase from Easy PLR I can actually go to lunch with friends, have coffee with my mom or spend that time on some other part of my business.

    Most importantly, I have twice the traffic to my websites now and the numbers go up each day! So I am really excited about my future in this business 🙂

    Thank you so much Nicole

    Take Care

  5. Those raving reviews sound like your content is over-the-top perfect and all-around best [not just in class] in the whole World. Guess why? Because they LIKE YOU and that makes what you do great enough to be the best instead of just good enough like everyone else.

    The not-so-skilled can do it too – just not in the same niche as you!

  6. Easy PLR is a great choice for anyone who needs fresh content for a blog/website on a regular basis.

    We manage a small army of websites, both for clients and for ourselves, and the high-quality articles available from Easy PLR make a great starting point for developing your own completely unique content. They are a great time-saver.

    Kudos on producing a great product at a great price!

  7. Still Sitting On The Fence About Buying EasyPLR?

    Listen, I understand your apprehension about buying PLR nowadays. After all, about 98% of the PLR available online today is pure GARBAGE!

    But then there’s EasyPLR…

    EasyPLR is among the top 2% of high-quality PLR content providers on the Internet today. And for good reason:

    * They limit the number of PLR packages they sale (honestly, they do!)
    * Their writers always deliver great content
    * No costly monthly membership required
    * Excellent customer service, and
    * Most of all, the owner is just a really great gal!

    Listen, there are perhaps 2-3 sources I trust to provide me with the content I need to succeed online today. And EasyPLR is one of them.

    Now, get your tail off the fence and go grab your PLR before she raises her prices!


  8. This weekend I was able to listen to your presentation at NAMS 5. You gave me great ideas to get content to my site in a quick and simple way. I will be taking advantage of your many PLR packages out there.

    Collette Schultz

  9. Hi Nicole

    I’ve only been around the easyplr site for a short time but you certainly produce some nice material. I’ve invested in a couple of the packages and have been very impressed by the quality, readability and the immaculate presentation.

    I’m used to doing a bit of editing and correction on other PLR material that I buy, but with you… well, things are sooooo different. Your attention to detail is second to none!

    Long may it continue – and thanks again!

    Ian Murdoch

    P.S. You can, of course, use any or all of my comments to promote your services (please exclude my email at all times)

  10. What distinguishes Easy PLR from the pack is that there is no difference in the quality of your for-sale reports and your free reports — they are all top notch. It amazes me every time I read one of your free reports because I find myself saying, “This is so good, I would have paid for it.” And the products I’ve purchased from you always over-deliver. You are a gifted writer and your advice is always practical, timely and insightful. You’re doing a fantastic job and I hope you keep doing what you’re doing for many years to come.

  11. Nicole your PLR packs are of very high quality and beat competitors hands down.
    EasyPLR has made my business processes that much easier.

    I love that I only pay for the packs I want and not mystery packs that contain totally irrelevant topics.

    Thank you Nicole and the EasyPLR team!

  12. Easy PLR makes it easy to run my online business. The article packs and reports I have purchased from Easy PLR makes creating content easy and fun.

    I only purchase the packs that I will use immediately but use every pack in numerous ways. I’ve created ebooks, special reports, blog posts, webinars, and setup autoresponders with the PLR packs I’ve gotten from Easy PLR. With one pack I can use it a hundred different ways. I love it!

    Thanks for creating such usable PLR!

  13. I have a confession to make. Without PLR I’m not sure I could keep up with the demands of my online business. I think online success requires a lot of writing, and writing isn’t my strongest skill. I’ve run to EasyPLR many times to grab an article pack to help me out of writer’s block, or to fill in the gaps in my knowledge or research. Admittedly I even use EasyPLR to give myself an afternoon off. Why not? It’s incredibly affordable and always very high quality, so getting a few hours to myself is as simple as EasyPLR! 🙂

  14. EasyPLR was my first introduction to the wonderful world of PLR. Nicole produces some of the highest quality PLR that I have seen on the market. After discovering PLR, I went PLR crazy and tried many different sites. What I found is that a lot of the membership sites have articles that don’t fit my audience. I’ve also found the horrible side of PLR where the articles are so poorly written that I cringe.

    That’s definitely not the case with EasyPLR. The topics are always relevant, extremely well-written and educational. I have really learned a lot and implemented many of the points I’ve learned in my business as well. And best of all, the articles are easy on the wallet too!

    So if you’re getting the idea that I kinda love EasyPLR, you’re 100% right. Keep up the great work!

  15. When people ask me how I have accomplished so much in my business over the last 12 months I explain to them what PLR is and introduce them to Easy PLR. Here are the facts – you can not get visibility and create leading authority status in your industry without providing people with lots of information. Do I have time to write all of this – blog posts, articles, free reports, etc? No! I write what I can and let Nicole and her staff at Easy PLR fill in the rest.

    The most amazing part is that when I get the material it is like I had written it. I still haven’t figured out how they get in my head to know what I want them to say – they are just good like that. I also appreciate that Nicole provides so many tools for me to easily promote her. Thank you Nicole. You have taught me so much over the last 12 months and I look forward to the day when I get to meet you face to face.

  16. Easy PLR. has been a golden find for me. My mentor Connie Green suggested that I take a look at what Nicole had to offer and I am really glad I did. I have purchased multiple PLR packages and have used them on my websites. I find the information to be accurate and easy to read. I simply add a statement or two to personalize the content and copy and paste into my post. It is that simple, quick and easy. I highly recommend Easy PLR to anyone especially new Internet marketers who are searching for content. Oh! did I mention content on numerous and varied topics which people are searching for. Do yourself a favor and take a look at Easy PLR.

  17. I just recently learned about PLR and I’m SO happy that I found EasyPLR! As the writer of 2 blogs, and wearer of many hats – sometimes coming up with content for my blogs was difficult. Let alone quality content.

    No more worries with EasyPLR! There are other PLR sites out there – but, in my opinion, nothing compares with EasyPLR.

    Thanks, Nicole! You’ve got a customer and cheerleader for life!


  18. Easy PLR, you rock my world! Your articles are the best on the internet. Most PLR has to be changed around and tweaked a lot, but not yours! I often don’t need to change a thing. I use Easy PLR on my niche blogs and it makes my life so much easier. No more late nights trying to write blog posts with key word rich content. I can do more in less time. I love you Easy PLR.

    Thank you for making me look smarter.

    Celene Harrelson

  19. Katie-Anne says

    With Easy PLR I get two things that most other places don’t offer – high standard of writing and good subject topics that relate to my interest areas. As a writer I appreciate the quality of the articles, and have learned over the years that I can trust the facts that are in them. Much PLR I’ve seen on the Internet is fluff written in gibberish, but Nicole provides me with fact based articles I can use as a good foundation upon which to build something new.

    Thanks Nicole. Keep it coming!

  20. I love Easy PLR…because it is just that…EASY. I can always depend on the quality of the content. I don’t just use it because it is easy, I find it a good starting place to add valuable content to my website. Thanks, Nicole, for making my job easier!

  21. Thanks for your constant supply of top quality PLR. From rewriting articles for a blog post to creating an email campaign, I know that I can always count on you for well written and affordable PLR on many interesting topics. Thanks Nicole!

    Greg Swan,

  22. When Nicole speaks, I listen.

    I stayed away from PLR for my first 2 years online (doh!) as I’d heard some horror stories … and then I found Nicole, subscribed to a few of her different lists and not only do I continually get blown away by the scope and quality of her PLR, I actually learn a bucket load as well.

    Nicole and ALL of the people she recommends are authentic, honest and down to earth – you will never ever find a dud with this type of PLR (and it’s incredibly priced too!)

    Jodie Thompson,

  23. Nicole, thanks for providing such QUALITY PLR. I can’t say I only purchase from EasyPLR but you are definitely one of my favorite sources! Please keep up the good work. I’d love to one day be a writer for you but in the meantime (and even after) I will definitely continue to be a customer!

    Glennette Goodbread
    Premium Web Design and Hosting

  24. Hello, my name is DeAnna Troupe and I’m addicted to LOL. I use PLR to create my e courses and this website is a great source. The content is so well written I almost don’t want to touch it at all. It’s also good to know that the person behind the scenes is so accessible. I’d recommend this site to anyone looking to buy a few PLR reports! Keep doing what you do!

    DeAnna Troupe

  25. I absolutely adore the PLR I have gotten from Nicole! It’s been top notch and if there have been questions they’ve been answered easily and with grace. Her newest high end Facebook package was worth every penny! I’m a fan for life!

  26. Nicole,

    I love love love Easy PLR. I used to think that all PLR was the same (gulp!) but boy was I wrong. Once I started purchasing your content I was blown away by the quality of it. It’s well written not like some of the ‘crap’ out there. I used to pay a pretty big monthly fee for a membership to a PLR content site and I was never impressed with the content – there were spelling errors, poor grammar and the list goes on. Needless to say I cancelled that membership and started purchasing from you. I’m grateful that you offer your content without it being on a membership basis and best of all your prices are so reasonable!

    Nicole, you always go above and beyond. I will always be a loyal customer 🙂

  27. I attended an Internet Marketing workshop a couple of months ago and some of the folks in one class did major eye rolling when the subject of PLR came up. I can understand why because there is a lot of c**p out there.

    Obviously they were not familiar with Easy PLR. To me PLR is like the wood and bricks of a house. It’s so much easier (and more fun) to decorate the house than build it. But the frame needs to be solid or you can find yourself patching holes, hammering nails and other such time consuming tasks. I never have to worry about that with Easy PLR.

    Hands down, Easy PLR is top notch content! Keep up the good work!

  28. I think I’ve become addicted to PLR content…it’s taking over my laptop. lol (You can just do so much with the content, so it’s worth it.) I do love the fact that Easy PLR has such a variety of niche topics. Every pack I’ve ordered has been top quality and I’m grateful that I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to get access. Thanks for offering such a valuable plr resource!

  29. Nicole,
    I just love EasyPLR…so much, in fact, that I signed up as an affiliate and I’m promoting it in an Email Marketing Success eCourse that I’ve written. I want to give my students a good way to find good content as they build their email campaigns. The thing I appreciate most is knowing that you are a real person behind the scenes, and you are accessible. You do a great job! Keep up the good work.
    Jeanne Kolenda,

  30. Hi Nicole.

    I’ve amassed a huge amount of PLR over the years, and EasyPlr is definately one of my favourite sites for PLR.

    Well written, high quality content, articles, reports etc. at great prices.

    I’m happy to recommend EasyPlr to my subscribers and websites visitors, as I know they wont be disappointed.

    Top quality affordable products . Keep up the good work.

  31. Thanks Nicole, your PLR is always top notch. I never have to agonise over whether I should start my content from scratch because I know that what you produce is so good. It really helps to cut down my development time. Thanks again.

  32. Nicole, I held out on buy anything from Easy PLR because I expected it to be like most of the other PLR stuff I’ve seen. I finally gave in and bought 3 packs yesterday and I am thrilled with my purchase. The quality far exceeds expectations. It is so good that I could use it as is with no editing if I wanted to. The press releases report is solid how to.

    There is absolutely no cringe factor with any of the PLR I bought from Easy PLR.

    I’m just sorry that I didn’t act sooner because some of the packs I was interested in are sold out. Now I know why! Thank you for providing great, well written content that was well worth my small investment.

  33. Susanne Myers says

    I just love Easy PLR. I have tried a bunch of other PLR article sites. They usually involve a monthly membership fee and there’s only a hand-full of articles that I actually end up using.

    With Easy PLR I just buy the packages I can actually use. You are saving me tons of time. Not only do I not have to dig through a bunch of unrelated articles, but also the quality of the actual articles is just as high as if I had written them myself. I don’t have to do any editing before plugging them into my sites.

    Thanks for such a great product.